Courtney & Eric | Surprise Mountaintop Proposal | Rocky Mountain National Park


Eric & Devin used to work together and have been friends bonding over cars ever since. We met Courtney over a year ago and these two are seriously so sweet. We love spending time with them! Neither of them have traveled much and when we told them we were getting married in Colorado, they were stoked to get to come and explore a part of the rockies. 

In the winter, during a crazy snowstorm, Eric & Courtney came over to hang out. We decided to all go bowling. Whenever it was Courtney's turn to bowl, Eric & Devin would discuss how Eric was planning to propose. We somehow convinced Eric to wait another 6-7 months until we were all in Colorado together. 

The day before our wedding, we took them up to 12,000 feet in Rocky Mountain National Park at sunrise to scope out the location for our sunrise first look the next day. I have no idea how we all convinced Courtney to meet us at 5am, but we did and then this happened.