she said yes

Kraig & Amber | Surprise Proposal in Madison | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer Videographer

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Kraig’s sister, Kaila, originally contacted us about how her brother was going to propose to his girlfriend on graduation weekend in Madison, and that they needed a photographer. Devin & I were supposed to be out of town that weekend, but somehow our plans fell through and we were still able to make this adorable proposal work!

Kraig surprised Amber with their families being in town. Amber’s roommate was “driving Amber to her dinner reservation” but stopped at the house where it all started for these two. Kraig was there waiting for her. He helped Amber out of the car and took her to stand in front of the house where he asked her to marry him. She of course said yes and the family all started cheering. It didn’t stop there though.

Amber thought she was just going to a dinner reservation, but Kraig and his family set up an entire engagement party at Madison’s to surprise her even more! It was so much fun to witness all of the joy on everyones faces!

Enjoy, xoxo


Ethan & Demri | Surprise Proposal | Milwaukee Proposal, Madison Proposal Photographer Videographer

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Ethan contacted us about his plan to propose to his girlfriend in Madison. It was exactly a week after another proposal we photographed in Madison, but we were so excited to head back for another one! Ethan’s plan was to put a new dog tag on their new puppy that read “mom, can I be in the wedding?” and for Demri to notice that as they were taking the dog out right after Demri got off work.

Of course things don’t always go perfectly to plan, but it still worked out perfectly in its own way and thankfully the rain held off! They also had their parents in town for the weekend for everyone to officially meet. Demri was so shocked and it was seriously so sweet to witness & be a part of!

Enjoy, xoxo